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I'm Jesse.

Welcome to my public journal. After all what the point of having thoughts if you aren't willing to share them?

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In the beginning of 2017 I made the decision that I should begin documenting my life.

The world is like a large ocean with many possible directions and I am just a passenger on this little boat willing to wander wherever the current takes me. I believe that experience is the most valuable form of knowledge and is what guides you through the rough tides while landing you onto exotic beaches. In saying that, I am very much in control while having no control at the same time. So let's see where this whole journey ends up.

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Another One in the Books

I’ve never been too fond of books at a young age; funny how things change over time. While the years pass by, time becomes a declining metric as one year has less and less significance in the overall picture, but it’s the years that add up which end up shaping the entire story at the end. This whole journey is truly about taking things one step at a time, one accomplishment after another, and one progression to another.

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A Year Gone Like the Wind

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22 Lessons from 22 Years

So, another year has passed and technically speaking I should be a year more experienced in this unpredictable game of life. One thing is for sure; experience does truly pay dividends. Whether you’re 5 or 95, as you get older you collect more stories, create more memories, and experience more of what life has to offer. The fun part is knowing that there’s always more to gain from this everlasting game.

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