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The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

It has always been a dream of mine to attend the Olympic games. What an experience it was attending my first ever Olympics ever in Pyeongchang, Korea.

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The Land of Waterfalls

A picture perfect getaway that I never knew could exist; hidden between the valleys of the Swiss Alps is a village like no other.

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Paragliding in the Swiss Alps

If there's anything better than the views of the Swiss Alps is the views soaring above the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

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Exploring Lucerne, Switzerland

A city with majestic views of both crystal clear lakes and snow topped mountains.

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Wandering around in Zurich

Picture perfect Switzerland. Zurich has the ambiance of a large working city with beautiful backdrops that makes you forget why you would ever leave.

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Roaming in Edinburgh

A holiday well spent in Edinburgh, Scotland. Come join me as I roam around the city just in time for New Years!

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A Day in Birmingham

Just wandering around in Birmingham. Stopped by the Frankfurt Christmas market and Bullring shopping mall. Just another day in my life, enjoy!

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A perfect morning spent at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland while connecting to Europe. This milky blue lagoon is a hot spring lovers paradise.

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