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Jesse Jia
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Ever since 2007, it has been a tradition for my family and I to embark on a cruise every other year. So this year (2017) would have marked the 10-year anniversary of that, but unfortunately, this year is an exception. We were unable to squeeze in a cruise into our already packed summer plan. Unless something miraculous comes up at the end of the year, our tradition is a now halted.

Fortunately for many others, we are in the golden age of cruising as many new and exciting ships with itineraries all over the world are now blooming in the industry. Now, you can find a cruise at almost any coastal tourist city with a port. Anywhere from your typical Caribbean, Mediterranean, Baltic, Alaskan, etc… (the list goes on). There is even a World cruise that takes you all around the world! Most recently, the cruise industry began expanding in Asia and now many of the newest ships can be found there! So for new cruisers out there, there’s an option for any place your heart desires.

Personally, I love cruises to say the least. The idea of visiting a new country and/or city each day while living on a 5-star hotel that moves fascinates me. Many of the new and upcoming cruise ships are both an engineers’ dream and architects’ masterpiece. It would be my dream come true to be able to sail on all of these ships.

Without further ado, here are the 5 cruise ships that you should sail on today!

5. Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2

This is the Queen of all ships (also clearly stated in its name). When Cunard Cruise Line revealed this beautiful ship in 2004 it was the largest in its class with a massive gross tonnage of 149,215. It held that position for just over 2 years before a newer Royal Caribbean ship (Freedom of the Seas) broke that record. Though, what makes the Queen Mary 2 so special is the exceptional service you’d expect from Cunard. Unlike most American cruise lines, Cunard is based in the United Kingdom. As a result, the service you’d receive from any Cunard cruise will be unlike any other cruise line. You will be treated just like royalty the moment you step aboard. In addition, you would expect all the amenities that your Royal Highness has access to and with nothing short.

Unfortunately, the Queen Mary 2 mainly operates on transatlantic cruises from New York to London. So if you’re looking to get pampered like royalty for 7 days attempting to get from America to Europe, this is your best option!

4. Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy

The newest and largest ship of Norwegian Cruise Lines, Norwegian Joy, is set for her maiden voyage in August of this year. Unfortunately, this ship was designed specifically for the Asian market (even the name is in Chinese), so it will be a rare ship to catch for most of us Westerners. For those who are looking to catch a cruise in Asia in the coming years, the Norwegian Joy would be a great choice! Onboard, there are exclusive amenities that cannot be found anywhere else. To start off, there is a Go-Kart race track onboard the ship! In addition, there are virtual reality stations, an outdoor park, and an exclusive upscale shopping district made especially for the Asian market. I would definitely consider the Norwegian Joy if I were searching for my next Asia cruise!

3. Harmony of the Seas / Allure of the Seas / Oasis of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Currently, the largest cruise class ever created. I’m sure many of you had heard the buzz when Oasis of the Seas came out in 2009. The truth is, the buzz never really did die down. When it sailed for the first time in 2009, it was the largest cruise ship ever to set sail at a whopping 225,282 gross tons. Now, the Oasis class from Royal Caribbean still holds the record for the largest cruise ship, a record that hasn’t been broken since 2009! It also doesn’t look like it will be broken anytime soon. In addition, the new expansion of Harmony of the Seas in 2016 gives a refreshed more technology advanced ship class.

There is even a bar solely operated by the use of robotic arms. You can place your order on computer screens and in minutes a robotic arm will manually begin creating your drink! You can see a video demo above!

Harmony of the Seas

Now that the Oasis class is continuously expanding, you should be able to find cruise at any major route across the world!

I also couldn’t help but post a picture from our trip aboard Allure of the Seas from 2011.

2. Ovation of the Seas / Anthem of the Seas / Quantum of the seas

Quantum of the Seas

This is the newest class of Royal Caribbean and has a strict emphasis on technology. Onboard, you’ll find revolutionizing amenities that you would not find on any other ship. These new ships have set the new standard in innovation. Despite being enormous, the main priority is creating an experience you’d never forget. You can find bumper cars, skydiving simulators, and an outlook that overhangs the ship just to name a few.

Quantum of the Seas

Unfortunately, none of the itineraries really tickles my interest. Ovation and Quantum sails out of China while Anthem sails from New Jersey departing for Bermuda cruises. This is one perfect example of the quickly expanding cruising industry in Asia. Perhaps in the future, they will add a more desirable destination.

Overall, this is truly a floating city that I would not mind being stuck on for an extended period of time!

1. Disney Fantasy / Disney Dream

Disney Dream

Last but not least, the newest Disney cruise ships! Now, this may not be perfect for everybody, but for me, there is no comparing to the Disney Cruise Line. Unlike many other cruise lines, Disney offers a small fleet of only 4 ships. The ships in itself cannot compare to the technology onboard the newer cruise classes but what sets Disney apart is the spectacular service onboard.  The moment you board the ship you are treated with uppermost attention and everything revolves around the world-class service you’d expect from Disney. In my personal opinion, the staff aboard Disney cruise ships have the best overall service when comparing to any other Disney franchise (including the theme parks). There is also an exceptional attention to detail from everything around the ship to making your voyage as memorable as possible.

Unfortunately, the prices of a Disney cruise are almost double of any other cruise line. Although if ever given a chance in the future, I would not hesitate on a chance to board either the Disney Fantasy or Disney Dream. It will make anybody from any age feel youthful with joy once again!

Disney cruise

I couldn’t help but post a picture from 2009 when 12-year-old me had the trip of a lifetime onboard an older Disney Wonder.

Sadly, none of these cruises are currently on any of my current travel schedules, but expect to see me onboard some of these in the near future!

Once again, Thanks for following!

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