A Year Gone Like the Wind

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Jesse Jia
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Just my semi-annual check in over here. Before I continue, I was extremely unsuccessful in fulfilling my new year’s resolution of keeping this blog active by creating content on a weekly basis. I’ve also found it extremely difficult to write when you’re forcing yourself to churn out content for the sake of creating blog posts rather than having a feeling you want to express naturally. As unhappy as it sounds, I truly believe authors and artist create their best content at moments of trauma and when everything appears to be in shambles. The human mind fascinates me every day.

What a year it has been and what an understatement that was. We’ve gone through such an eventful 2020; I don’t know where to even start. My purpose in this post isn’t to highlight all the events that have happened this year; you don’t need me to tell you that. Rather it is to highlight the fact that it’s already mid-September whether how eventful or uneventful your year has been. Time waits for nobody. It still ticks away at the same rate every second, every day, every month, and every year. We’re already much past the midway point and everything will be over before we know it. We’ve endured an eventful beginning to the year, an unconventional transition into the current lifestyle, then finally an untraditional celebration of the summer months. No matter the journey we took to get here, I think it’s a blessing that we are all able to be at the same place today; the present. Unnatural as it may feel, our ways of life have been disrupted like no other time in history and we’re now obligated to seek happiness from other sources. And isn’t that what growing up is really about? The endless pursuit of happiness. Whether it being a satisfying career, a purpose in life, a materialistic possession, a lifelong friend, or a romantic partner, there are endless possibilities to find whatever makes you happy. I think that’s what makes the journey so interesting because there’s an infinite amount of joy to be had, but only a finite amount of sorrow a person is willing to endure. There is no ceiling to happiness but you must also sit through the tears and endure the breakdowns to get there. I believe that if you keep pushing through, naturally the universe will reward you with joy and an everlasting purpose to make the world a better place than you found it. So with students going back to school and workers joining back into the workforce, just keep pushing through and remember there is light to be found at the end of the tunnel.

I’m currently writing this in a haze filled Vancouver. Originally known for their crisp air and summer sunshine, but today it is clouded from the wildfires down south and drizzling with rain that you wouldn’t even notice. A true representation of pathetic fallacy that has never been so telling. With all the stuff that has happened or hasn’t happened this year, it has been a wild rollercoaster ride. With highs so high that you would have never expected coming from a year like this and lows so low that you have everything to blame. No matter the situation, this year has been an amazing growing experience for everybody. A year to really connect with your inner self, understand the people who truly care for you, all while figuring yourself out during times of turmoil.  Whatever happens for the last remaining months of the year, and the following years to come; keep pushing through. Each year will be different with all sorts of new challenges that you would have never imagined. Every passing year only gets harder as time ticks by, so enjoy the present while you can because looking back there will be nothing like it.

– Jesse

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