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Jesse Jia
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Finally, I am proud to say that I am done with 2nd year and the summer is upon us! Sorry, you didn’t hear much from me in the last couple of weeks, but I was bombarded with exams and even embarked on a trip to Florida in the middle of everything. Now, I hope to have everything in order and continue writing throughout the summer. I have some VERY interesting destinations that I’m super excited to share with you in the coming months!

Anyhow, let’s begin with why I made a trip to Florida during the middle of exams. First and foremost, this was definitely one of the more exhausting trips I’ve taken. This was mainly based on timing, but was well worth the whole experience! Long story short, the trip to Florida was not “vacation” in any sense, but rather a competition that the team has been preparing for ever since last September. Although it’s not a typical vacation, I figured it’d still make a great story to tell!

Throughout the school year, I am a part of the Queen’s SAE Aero Design Team. As a result, the team worked diligently every passing week since September preparing for this competition. The whole idea is to create a functioning remote control aircraft from scratch. It’s just like putting a giant puzzle together and hoping everything functions smoothly at the end. Of course, a lot of designing has to go into a project like this, but there’s always unexpected and unavoidable errors. By competition time, some major faults are usually too late to fix and with exams rolling up, time is very limited. If you guys are curious about how the competition went, below is a video created by the team!

If I were to sum the competition up, “Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but at the end, everything evens out”. Just like how my exams in 2nd year went for me! We did not expect our micro aircraft to fly and were hopeful for the large airplane. In actuality, the exact opposite happened. So sometimes things don’t turn out as expected, but that doesn’t mean everything was a failure.

Anyhow, this was sort of a different type of post from me but was meant to be just a quick update (as I haven’t posted in over a month). But, I plan to catch up with everything, so be sure to keep checking around in the next couple of weeks! I will get back to the usual “travel” posts.

I don’t want to spoil my travel plans, but I promise it’s going to be an eventful summer. I will be leaving on May 24th and will be Vlogging throughout my trips! So please come check out my YouTube Channel if you haven’t done so already.

Once again, thanks for following along!

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