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Jesse Jia
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New Year, New Me?

I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions, never was, and probably never will be. But what I am a fan of is starting something new and giving it 110%. This seems like a perfect opportunity finally give that extra 10% to this site which I’ve been dwelling on in 2016. After stumbling my way in creating this blog in 2016. I have not even come close to develop this site to where I want it to be today. I had hoped that by the end of 2016, this blog would be filled knowledgeable information and a large content base to build upon. Though there’s no looking back now as time waits for no one. The major lesson I learned from all this was that nothing is perfect.

I know you guys are thinking, WOW! it took you this long to realize that fact?

Let me elaborate.

I was too caught up on making every little detail perfect before starting what truly matters this my blog; content. I would spend days on end changing between color schemes and trying to fix the smallest of details without looking at the bigger picture. A new color scheme wouldn’t generate more visitors if I had none to begin with. This could be said with anything in life. Details matter but sometimes it’s more advantageous to look at the bigger picture.

Now, a new year has rolled upon us and there’s no better time to start; there’s no better time than the present. In 2017, I want to give this blog what it was desperately missing. By the end of 2017, I will transform this blog to something that would appear to be running for years already. I want this site to be FILLED with knowledgeable content and all sorts of shenanigans from my life. I want this blog to reflect me the best it can, no secrets, and as open as I can be. Welcome to my story.

Keep following.

Also, please check out my Instagram as the picture you see above was taken by myself, and my YouTube to channel to see how I spent the new years!

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